About the Program

GHTP helps USAID improve global health, international development, and humanitarian assistance outcomes in communities around the world by building a new generation of technical professionals (TPs) who reflect the diversity of the American people. GHTP was designed by USAID to offer early- to mid-career global health and other technical professionals (TPs) the opportunity to advance their careers supporting USAID’s Global Health Bureau, Missions, and other USAID Bureaus and Offices. 

Through GHTP, USAID is contributing meaningfully to identifying and training a new generation of diverse, global health talent that will bring advanced skillsets to the global health field in years to come.  A focus on diversity and inclusion underscores GHTP’s support of technical professionals, USAID, and global health. The program advocates for inclusion in the field by partnering with Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs) and other organizations to ensure the viability of global health careers for historically underrepresented groups.

Technical professional (TP) positions under the GHTP mechanism are contractor positions.  All GHTP contractors are employees of either Credence Management Solutions, LLC (Credence) or its partner, Public Health Institute (PHI). The early- to mid-career TPs have varying years of public health, global health, or other relevant experience and are either US Citizens or US permanent residents. 

Recognizing the importance of continuous professional and career development for the success of the next generation of TPs, we provide tailored resources, information, and opportunities throughout their tenure serving USAID under the GHTP contract. Benefits include an annual professional development stipend, performance and career development support, and mentorship opportunities. 

 Domestic positions are generally based in Washington, DC at USAID headquarters, but may include USAID partner organizations. International placements are mostly at USAID Missions, but may include assignment at various ministries of health, NGOs, and USAID partner country offices.

GHTP positions generally fall into one of the following technical areas:




Global Health Supply Chain & Logistics

Neglected Tropical Diseases

Maternal & Child Health

Voluntary Family Planning & Reproductive Health

Data Analytics

Water, Sanitation, & Hygiene

Nutrition & Food Security