Diversity Initiative

Building a Global Health Workforce that Reflects the Diversity of the American People

GHTP assists USAID’s mission to increase the diversity of the Agency’s global health workforce by developing a pool of global health talent that reflects the diversity of the American people. This focus on diversity and inclusion underscores GHTP’s support of technical professionals, USAID, and global health. The program advocates for inclusion in the field by partnering with Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs) and other organizations for high impact career fairs, information sessions, webinars, and other virtual events to ensure the viability of global health careers for historically underrepresented groups. These efforts serve to strengthen and deepen the range of global health talent and expertise available to USAID. Through GHTP, USAID is contributing meaningfully to identifying and training a new generation of diverse, global health talent that will bring advanced skillsets to the global health field in years to come.