Professional Development & Performance Management

The GHTP program considers professional development to be critical for professional growth and satisfaction. It is also a crucial part of providing the best support possible for USAID and its Missions.

We strongly encourage our technical professionals to pursue professional and career development opportunities that will improve their effectiveness as global health technical professionals.

USAID is invested in continuous professional growth, especially for those working in health around the world. The global health community is on the front lines of health operations worldwide—from PEPFAR to rapid Ebola virus response to combating maternal and child malnutrition. Continuous professional development is essential to keep pace with the rapidly evolving skill sets needed to respond to ever changing workforce environment. It ensures that our technical professionals are ready to face global health challenges worldwide.

GHTP provides technical professionals with an annual stipend for professional and career development, as well as information and access to professional development opportunities on a variety of platforms. In the past, technical professionals have used their personal professional development stipends for career development and learning needs at academic institutions, including: certification programs, technical skill courses, conferences, coaching, membership and/or association fees and foreign language classes.

To identify short and long-term career development and learning needs, GHTP provides one-one support as well as provides periodic announcement on professional development resources and opportunities to technical professional. In addition, GHTP provides the Individual Learning and Training Plan personal action plan tool to identify learning needs that support career development and professional growth

  The GHTP program considers performance management and career development critical to safeguarding the value of USAID’s investment in the professional growth of entry-level and mid-level technical professionals  

GHTP facilitates discussion and agreement on performance expectations with technical professionals and their USAID point of contact (POC) through the development of an Annual Work Plan (AWP) and Annual Performance Evaluation (APE). These performance tools document performance expectations as well as assist technical professionals and POCs in tracking and measuring results, outcomes and areas for improvement for each performance period.

In addition, performance management support is provided to technical professionals and POC’s throughout the performance period, including suggestions for improvements or refinement to performance objectives and major work activities to reflect the value USAID expects to realize from its investment in the GHTP. The Professional Development team also contacts technical professionals at regular intervals throughout each performance year to discuss progress on work activities and identify areas for growth.


GHTP Mentorship Program

GHTP’s Mentorship Program provides a platform for continuous growth and learning that is multi-faceted with the goal of improving and empowering global health professionals. The program offers open enrollment regularly throughout the calendar year and matches TPs with mentors representing a wide range of industries working in public and global health and international development. In addition, the Mentorship Program provides supplementary tools, resources, communications and interactive workshops to mentors and mentees. A selection of the resources provided to program participants is below: